There was a discussion on this matter recently. I think it was commenced by Kaleem from the ompany seeking feedback. I responded to his request saying I wasn't impressed with the outrages premium increase of 73% for my troopy ($50k cover) and same for caravan ($50k cover). Never never had an insurance claim for either.
Said he would look into it. Two weeks now no reply from Kaleem advised he was too busy to zpeak to me but would get back to me mid next week - still waiting. But I did get a phone call from the same lady who I spoke to several weeks earlier who again told me the exact same story she told me previously. Asked to speak to Kaleem but nup to busy. Looks like we have been conned - they get you in and then hike the premiums way way up. I have been with Club 4x4 for two years. Premiums now due - 103% increase over 2 years. BE WARNED AND SHOP AROUND. About to move caravan to another insurer and have discussions under way for troopy cover elesewhere.

Ray (Ray)
18 Oct 2018

This sort of thing with so-called '4WD club' insurance goes way back. It was promoted to and by clubs as being the cheapest and best coverage for 4WDs. In reality, shopping around would give you much better deals that offered the same benefits. It wasn't a scam, but it did prey on people not doing their own due dilligence and just trusting the club. 

All the major insurers recognised early on that they were missing out on a lot of money by excluding 4WDs, especially since 4WDs featured very low in accident rates and claims (less or no damage in minor accidents), so they jumped in with far more competitive offers. Also, the FUD that the major insurance companies wouldn't honour claims for going off-road were quickly debunked. If you were on a gazetted track or on a legal area with no designated tracks, you were fully covered (anywhere in Australia). 


29 Oct 2018

Not only are Club 4x4 extremely hard to deal with. My car has been at the mechanics for a malicious damage claim for over 11 weeks now and I have been fighting with them to approve the claim. They finally approved the claim last week for the repairs, however only minmal reapairs and didnt even take the time to ensure the engine hasnt been damaged by issues with the intake system via the turbo.

I have already made my mind up to move back to Shannons where the premiums are better and they are much easier to deal with.

Would Definataly NOT recommend Club 4 x 4

Shame on you Pat Callihan for promoting them


Ian (Ranger50)
18 Nov 2018

Hi Guys,

I've been insured with Club 4x4 for 3 years now almost since they started, my vehicle is insured for full comprehensive, market value plus $25,000 worth of accessories, the first year it cost me around $650 when I was paying about $920 with Shannon's. 

The second year it cost me around $770, I spoke Kalen about it at the Melb 4x4 show and he said that when they entered the 4x4 insurance market they under estimated vehicle cost and cost of accessorie replacement and where caught out so they had to make adjustments to the pricing structure.

This year I spoke to Kalen again at the 4x4 show because my premium had gone up to $890, 3 years without a claim, this year his excuse was that there had been so many claims in NSW that the rest of the country had to pay for it. This was one reason, the other was that people where doing river crossings without walking or checking first resulting in a claim for a stuffed motors, which is there own stupidity. Hence Club 4x4 adding a river crossing clause to there policies.

I told Kalen also that if my premium goes up again next year he can stick his insurance company up his arse and I'll take my business else where!!

I don't understand why the many have to pay for the few, just because Club 4x4 didn't vent there customers properly or weed out the bad apples, we all have to pay, get rid of the unwanted customers and keep your prices at a reasonable rate CLUB 4X4!!!!


Cheers Ian


Hi Guys,

I've been insured with Club 4x4 for 3 years now almost since they started, my vehicle is insured for full comprehensive, market value plus $25,000 worth of accessories, the first year it cost me around $650 when I was pa......

Well said Ian. Kalen has struggled to respond to our posts in an effective manner. I too found the "spin" difficult to digest. I suggest this post should continue to make sure other members are given fair warning about our experiences. I know others are watching this space. Regards Peter


Les (Les PK Ranger)
04 Jan 2019

Good feedback, and yes this is generally the way all insurance companies work.

Get you in then over the next year or two get premiums up, and their bottom line. 

Trust my 40 years driving and involvement in the crash repair trade, NOTHING is more important that profitability to all insurers. Nothing.

The ONLY way to beat this is as Ray said above, due diligence and time to phone 4 or 5 of them, if not every year, then at least every 2 years. 

club 4x4 have an excellent bait on the hook with their 2 tier recovery insurance option. 


Jon (thylaxene)
19 Feb 2019

Thanks for this thread! Was about to give Club4x4 a call. Now not going to now. So what 4 or 5 insuruers would you recommend calling for one's rig?



Matthew (discomatt)
20 Feb 2019

Any insurance company is worth calling, you just need to read the fine print but 99% will cover you even when off road as long as legally you are allowed to drive there , beaches and river crossings included. Its the extras and modifications you need to be carefull of but as long as the car is road worthy and legal you have nothing to worry about.

The only benifit that Club 4x4 has over any other insurer is there off road recovery cover but IMO that is negated by there extra excess for water crossing damage and the extra hoops they have made customers jump through befoer payouts


Les (Les PK Ranger)
21 Feb 2019

Club 4x4 might still suit some people for their 4x4 insurance.

I you were doing some very extened / remote driving in a prticular year, it might be worth it just for the optional recovery cover, where you pay an extra $200 or $400 for additional $15k or $30k recovery fees (respectively).

There is an included $1500 recovery cover on the standard policy too, which I'm pretty sure no other insurance company will provide for mech breakdown.

I recall in one forum thread where Kalen (?) stated, words to the effect, their new clause on deeper water crossing etc will still cover if you have not just bolted into a river or whatever without due dilligance, walking it or using a stick etc to check depth.
Not sure exactly how this would be possible to assess, so maybe their water clauses need to be very carefully checked and questions asked, get it in writing !!

Have never been with Club 4x4, but have read several forums of late where they are getting a lot less love than in the early years of their operation.
I think they are coming to realise covering such a high risk, specific field of insurance is not very profitable !

I've been with Alliance the past few years, previously a couple of others, but yes all will cover anywhere as long as you are legally entitled to be there.

Have only had one insurance claim in nearly 40 years driving (2 years ago wiht Alliance, and no a problem with claim process), that was when a huge male Red kanga hit me on Googs track while I was driving just 25 - 30 km/hr or so !!
I needed a door shell complete, amazing the damage the mass of this animal did, he was probably going faster than me.
Looked in LH rearview mirror, and would you believe he just got up, shook his head off, and bolted !! Did a runner.