15 Dec 2018

Hi guys, our first visit to Abercrombie River. Feel free to check it out.

A visit to Abercrombie River National Park can be an easy overnight escape, or an adventurous exploration of trails, caves and 4WD tracks. On this occasion, we spent a laid back weekend in this rugged wilderness, a few short hours from Sydney.

Running out of motivation for winter chores, and other weekend bores, we chucked the swag on the roof, a change of clothes and headed South. It was barely lunchtime on a Saturday, but we were done with the suburbs. Picking up firewood and food in Goulburn we were headed North again through picturesque Taralga where we stopped for a coffee and lunch. According to Hema our access was merely up the road. However, property owners have locked their gates and their volunteered signage directed us further North. We tried a couple of Hema marked accesses, all with the same result. It appeared parcels of park lands had been sold off. So, heading North we eventually were allowed to swing West and found official signage of the “New” National Park access.