30 Dec 2018

Hi Guys,

A long term review we did on our National Luna 50L fridge freeze.


Its interesting that how a bad news story carries further than the good news, or is it that we’re more likely to broadcast our whinging or drama then we are to tout our successes or good fortune? When it comes to making an informed decision about a purchase, it’s difficult to filter out the informative from the overload of information afforded to us in the online age.

We had a recent discussion about what fridge we would buy for the LandCruiser. As divisive as tyre brands or vehicle manufacturer, its guaranteed to create a debate. Full of anecdotal castings of both long lived relics and expensive failures.


Nick (Bagoo76)
31 Dec 2018

different size but same applies...

We’ve been using a 60L National Luna fridge for 3 years having upgraded from a 40l Waeco. No regrets and I wish i’d Purchased the NL fridge from day one as the other fridge was a false economy. The insulation is outstanding 50mm on fridge side and 70mm freezer side and power draw is very reasonable. The fridge has been running nearly non stop for 3 years (also used as a beer fridge to avoid clogging up the kitchen fridge). I usually connect the fridge to 240v when parked in my driveway however I have had instances of leaving the car on the street for 2 weeks and my 100AH agm battery has not dropped below 12.6v at its worst: that’s with 10 min drive per day and permanent 120w solar panel on the roof of the car - I live in Melbourne so it’s not always sunny. No snide remarks from you QLD!)

Only negative are the two lid latches which weren’t  tight enough and have required some DIY to sort out (the seller would have fixed the issue however I was collecting the fridge and heading off for 3 week trip to Flinders Rangers thus I couldn’t afford the delay).

Last of all, anyone considering a National Luna should also look at the SnoMaster brand who are designed and build by one of the ex founders of national Luna. I need a second fridge for the camper and will consider Snomaster as they appear to be better value for money.


01 Jan 2019

Another NL user, Snomaster do nice fridges also.