16 Mile Jeep Track

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Andrew (whipit)
Easy - Medium Was easy and dry when we done it 02/16 heard it can be hard when wet
Luke (bushstig)
Unknown Condition
Glenn B (Hanglider)
Medium - Hard Some nice steep climbs and fine in the Dry, but this track could become quite a challenge with the clay in the wet.
Nick (Bagoo76)
Unknown Condition
Luke Watt (Apples)
Unknown Condition
Tony (4x4-Hilux)
Easy It's a very good track, Done it both ways. And have done it dry & Wet ! Excited.
Toyotachick (cruiser_v8)
Easy - Medium went after heavy rain. bit slippery
Phill Rosenow (Phillby)
Medium - Hard In the dry this track is fairly straight run a up (what can be sometimes a bit rutted) hill. I rate it as a Med just because it's a little steep. Like most High Country tracks in the wet it would slippery and can be to the point of almost impossible, either going up or down.
Lee Orwin (4B-ADDICT)
Medium - Hard This one is hard in the wet
Kevin (riordak_ranger)
Easy - Medium Slippery when wet
Wayne (Vitaraman)
Easy - Medium Easy in the dry. Very slow going.
Jesse (Zd_patrol)
Unknown Condition I found this track to be steep and long in places. With a bit of rain it would be very slippery.
Steven (57ev3n)
Easy - Medium
Jesse (Speedy18)
Easy - Medium