Sat, 18-Mar-2017 (Narbethong, VIC) Hard

Kelvin Organiser: Kelvin (TREXGQ) Trip Leader - Level 6

  • Meetup Time: 8:00 AM (Sat, 18-Mar-2017)
  • Meeting Point: Healsville Beechworth Bakery
  • Location / Area: W Narbethong in VIC
Going7 GOING, 7 Interested
11 adults , 1 children (12 in total)

Trip Summary

Hard - For very experienced drivers with very capable 4WDs. You may tackle some very difficult tracks with frequent very steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy track and/or deep river crossing sections. IMPORTANT: Vehicle damange may occur. Please make sure you are prepared for this.

This is a technical hard trip aiming for filming some of the most ironic challenging 4wd tracks in Victoria. 

The tracks will include Rocky Track, Woods Lookout Track and a few more if time allowed. 

I will set this trip for those who have driven these tracks before (with no breakage) and with at least a few years of 4wding experience. Your vehicle will need to be at least 32" (twin locked) or 33" (at least one locker). If you have a different setup vehicle, please contact me first before you join the trip.

Note: This is not a hand-holding trip so I will expect you are a competent driver with a well setup vehicle ready for technical difficult hard 4wd tracks. 




  • CB Radio UHF Channel:
  • Number of Vehicles: Maximum 4 + 3 invited
  • Electric Winch: WINCH REQUIRED
  • Recovery Gear: REQUIRED
  • Additional Note: