30-Nov-2018 (Fri) to 02-Dec-2018 (Sun) (Tallarook, VIC) Medium

Kelvin Organiser: Kelvin (TREXGQ) Trip Leader - Level 6

  • Meetup Time: 7:00 PM (Fri, 30-Nov-2018)
  • Meeting Point: Flat rock camp https://goo.gl/maps/GnEjAFrdLix
  • Location / Area: W Tallarook in VIC
Going17 GOING, 11 Interested
23 adults , 2 children (25 in total)

Trip Summary

Medium - For experienced drivers. You may tackle some tracks with moderate steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy track sections.

Update - 28 Nov 2018


Please make sure your name is in one of the groups. If not, please post a comment and I will allocate you. Please make sure you arrive by 8:30am for briefing. 


Group A (8:45am) - Channel 10

  1. Kelvin (TREXGQ)
  2. Dave Sheppard (Dave's rx)
  3. Warren Buchanan (guwazza)
  4. Tim (Timmz)
  5. Colin (EastEndBoy)
  6. Peter (GQ351C)
  7. Allan (BigPig)

Group B (9:00am) - Channel 11

  1. Thurstain (Tcm9669)
  2. Sean (Skersh) + Winston (1 car)
  3. Faris (Mudway)
  4. Andrw (ONMUD)
  5. Eli (Triton Noob)
  6. Steven (ReefMaster)

Group C (9:15am) - Channel 12

  1. Allan (allanmac)
  2. Trevor (ranger1)
  3. Greg (94_200TDi)
  4. David (6pack)
  5. Aaron (vzmaniac)
  6. Robbie (9580series)
  7. Mick (Grinch Cherokee)



Updated location: Flat Rock Camp in Tallarook 



Looking to organise a End of Year Gathering Trip to meet/greet all my old and new members.  More details and location will be posted here. If you are keen and free on that weekend, join up here first. 


Note: The gathering is from Fri but the actual 4wding will start on Sat early morning. So if you can't make it on Fri, feel free to arrive on Sat morning. Due to some uncertain family circumstance, I may not be able to arrive on Fri. I am hoping some of our members can help secure the camp on Fri. 


  • CB Radio UHF Channel: 10
  • Number of Vehicles: Maximum 30
  • Electric Winch: Recommended
  • Recovery Gear: REQUIRED
  • Additional Note: