12-Jan-2019 (Sat) to 16-Jan-2019 (Wed) (VIC / NSW High Country - Tom Groggin, VIC) Easy/Medium

Brad Jones Organiser: Brad Jones (BradZook) Trip Leader - Level 1

  • Meetup Time: 9:00 AM (Sat, 12-Jan-2019)
  • Meeting Point: Pakenham BP Outbound (https://goo.gl/maps/GwPsSK4Dx1H2)
  • Location / Area: W VIC / NSW High Country - Tom Groggin in VIC
Going1 GOING, 1 Interested
2 adults , 1 infant (3 in total)

Trip Summary

Easy/Medium - For both beginners and experienced drivers. You may tackle some tracks with steep and/or rocky/slippery/sandy sections.

UPDATE: Our son has an appointment with his cardiologist on the 17th so that cuts our trip short. Still more than enough time though. The plan has had some more thought and this is what it looks like:

  • Friday the 11th (tomorrow): Leave home.
  • Pickup and fit new bash plates from https://boosbashplates.com.au
  • Continue on down to Orbost, camping on the banks of the snowy.
  • Saturday: Leave Orbost and drive to the start of the Deddick trail
  • Arrive at Mckillops Bridge and setup camp
  • Sunday: Top up fuel / supplies from Karoonda Park near Gelantipy
  • Head up to Suggan Buggan and turn left on to Ingeegoodbe Track
  • Turn left on to Macfarlane Flat Track
  • Turn left on to Cobberas Track
  • Turn right on to Limestone Road
  • Turn right on to Limestone Creek Track and then on to Davies Plain Track
  • Reaching Tom Groggin for the night
  • Monday: Propably do nothing and stay another night
  • Tuesday: Head up to the top of Mt Pinnibar
  • Then on to Mt Gibbo
  • Take Pheasant creek track torwards benambra corryong road
  • Heading for Benambra / Omeo for fuel and supplies.
  • Time dependant we may head for Dargo and camp at Italian Flat otherwise camp at Dogs Grave just out of Omeo.
  • Wednesday: Head home

This is of course not set in stone and if any of these tracks are too tough we will be doing something different. There are also several places along the way that we can exit on to main roads and may do so if running out of time. ie: If good weather we may decide to stay a third night at Tom Groggin and come via the Blacktop.


So it's been way too long between drinks, early in 2018 I sold my Suzuki SIerra to make room for a more family friendly 4x4. Its taken a while but I now have a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee almost ready to hit the trails. Just waiting on tyres to get fitted next week. My son is now 6 months old and Mum and Dad are itching to get back out into the bush. Some call us crazy for taking our little guy camping but we have had a few trial runs in the backyard and recon we have everything sorted. Just need a semi trailer for all the baby kit :)


Our plan is to head torwards Orbost, my sister lives there so we want to go say hi for a night or 2. Camp right next to the snowy river. Then we will leave Orbost and head for Tom Groggin. We also have family up in Wagga, don't think we will get that far to be honest but thats the direction we will be heading in. More than likely I'll setup camp at Tom Groggin and not want to move.


Officially this trip is posted as 1 week long but basically this trip will start the second my new rubber is fitted and end before I have to go back to work on the 21st. I have no set in stone plan or route, just take it as it comes. If you would like to join me for sections or the whole thing it's up to you.


In terms of difficulty, the Jeep will still be missing a few key items, such as winch and snorkel. So we won't be taking on anything too crazy. If the going gets too tough or a river is too high we will just turn around and go another way.


  • CB Radio UHF Channel: To be decided
  • Number of Vehicles: Maximum 5
  • Electric Winch: Not required
  • Recovery Gear: REQUIRED
  • Additional Note: