Sun, 24-Feb-2019 (Woods Point, VIC) Easy

Alex Organiser: Alex (TEQ-80) Trip Leader - Level 2

  • Meetup Time: 9:00 AM (Sun, 24-Feb-2019)
  • Meeting Point: My place in Silvan address supplied if anyone can make it
  • Location / Area: W Woods Point in VIC

Going2 GOING
2 adults , 1 children (3 in total)


Trip Summary

Easy - For beginners with standard SUV/4WDs (new to 4wding)

Taking one of my sons out this weekend (Sunday) for his first drive literally as a Learner "L" plates - providing he passes the test on Friday that is- so we're doing a gravel road and track trip to Woods Point pub for lunch and return.

Doubt the hubs will be locked in the whole trip as we're going on well formed gravel roads and he has very little driving experience.....  He's done lots of river crossings though somehow...... not sure how that happened lol.  

Start at Silvan, to Warburton, to Big River, along Frenchmans Spur (not Frenchmands creek) down to the Woods Point pub and return. I envisage handing him the wheel once we're out of Warburton somewhere.

Just looking for a wingman as travelling alone isnt the greatest idea in my books.  So one car only please he's not intended to be trip leader and I'm sure would gladly follow someone I can give directions over the radio if required.  We may elect to do a little bit of 4WD ing see how he feels or I might take the wheel for a bit if we do.

Might even take the FJ73 on its first run but thats auto boo hiss no fun for a learner who's competant with cog swapping the 6.0 already but we'll see.


Start 'em young I reckon :-)


Safety and careful driving is the aim for the day so pace will be lets say, leisurely - if anyone hasnt been to Woods Point it will be a relaxed pace to say the least.

Ideal if you too have an L plater in the family to clock up some hours with relatively little traffic around.  Could increase the numbers if we have a few L platers interested but they must have a moderate amount of driving experience either on L's or by other means.  Let me know if you want to go on that basis but we have to keep the pressure off our young drivers on the day !



  • CB Radio UHF Channel: 12
  • Number of Vehicles: Maximum 2
  • Electric Winch: Not required
  • Recovery Gear: Not required
  • Additional Note: